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With so many advertising platforms to choose from and a wide range of targeting and optimization settings, it can be overwhelming deciding where to start, how to connect with your target audience, and where to spend your advertising dollars. PPC management is the solution. When you work with Intigress, our search marketing & PPC experts design an effective strategy based on your business’ objectives, maximizing the return on your advertising investment. 

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At Intigress, digital advertising is never a “set it and forget it” solution. Ongoing PPC ad management ensures your strategy stays up to date, adapts to changes in the marketplace, keeps your business competitive, and helps you achieve your business goals faster. 

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PPC Case Study

Our B2B client wanted to:

How we did it:

Improve Lead Quality


Increase in marketing qualified lead (MQL) ratio by the 3rd month working with Intigress

Reduce Cost Per Lead


Reduction in our client's cost per qualified lead (CPqL) within the first 3 months

How we did it:

Our PPC Service Inclusions

As a full service PPC agency, all of our clients receive complete PPC management including:

What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC, or pay per click, is a type of digital advertising in which advertisers pay when a user clicks on their advertisements. This form of advertising is incredibly effective and efficient when properly set-up and used strategically. Both search engines, such as Google & Bing, and social platforms, like Facebook & Instagram, offer advertisers the option to use pay per click digital advertising. PPC ads offer businesses the opportunity to connect with customers through a variety of different formats including display & banner ads, text & search ads, product & shopping ads, video ads, and more.
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Benefits of PPC Advertising

Generate Leads

Don't spend on ads to find just any lead, gather qualified leads with highly targeted PPC campaigns.

Drive Revenue

Grow average purchase price and total revenue with smart PPC designed to boost revenue & profit.

Build Brand Awareness

Reach more consumers and potential customers with your unique brand message to capitalize on future purchase decisions.

Promote Products/Services

Actively engage with users looking for and interested in what you have to offer with a compelling message.

Acquire New Customers

Connect with new customers in your target market to expand your business.

Increase Store Traffic

Meet customers in their moment of need online to increase the number of in store visits and drive sales.

Re-engage Customers

Deliver relevant PPC messaging to re-engage with past customers or website users to generate repeat business and boost sales.

Promote Specials/Events

Increase attendance, bring in more customers, and stay top-of-mind with strategic ppc campaigns for events and specials.

Grow Subscriptions

Capture your audience's attention, improve engagement, and drive higher brand loyalty with targeted campaigns designed to reach new subscribers.

PPC Management Pricing

from $595 per month

Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.

100% Google Certified

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The Intigress Approach to PPC Advertising

When you work with Intigress, you are working with PPC experts. Our specialty is finding ways to deliver more efficient & effective PPC advertising campaigns for a higher return on your advertising spend. Optimizing your digital advertising gives your business the opportunity to increase reach and drive real business growth. 

In addition to our expertise, we believe in partnering with our clients. We care about the businesses we work with. If it is important to you, it’s important to us. Interested in learning more? Contact us today for a free PPC management consultation.

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