Calendly Meetings – GTM Recipe

Automatically track the number of Calendly meetings scheduled in Google Analytics

  • Easily import this GTM Recipe
  • Creates a Google Analytics 4 event
  • Creates a Universal Analytics event
  • Track when the Calendly event type page is viewed
  • Track when date and time are selected
  • Track when a Calendly meeting is scheduled




This downloadable GTM Recipe lets you track Calendly meetings scheduled by an embedded widget on your site by setting up Google Analytics tags (both Google Analytics 4 & Universal Analytics) in your existing GTM container. It even works if your embedded Calendly widget is in an iframe.

You’ll get:

  • A custom event listener that “listens” for events from the Calendly API
  • A universal trigger that fires a “calendly” event in GA4 with “calendar_interaction” event parameter for each of the following actions:
    • profile_page_viewed = Profile page was viewed
    • event_type_viewed = Event type page was viewed
    • date_and_time_selected = Invitee selected date and time
    • event_scheduled = Invitee successfully booked a meeting
  • An event scheduled trigger that fires a UA event tag only when a meeting is successfully scheduled


  1. Save money. Our recipes are less expensive than most web developers will charge you.
  2. Save time. Simply download this .json file and import it into Google Tag Manager instead of waiting for a developer to hardcode events.
  3. Customizable. Easily adjust our events to trigger on any or all of the 4 API events.

Check out our How To Set Up Calendly Tracking In Google Analytics using GTM blog post for more information about this GTM recipe.

Important: Please note that all downloadable GTM Recipe products are meant for one (1) GTM container so they can only be downloaded once per purchase. If you need to use this on more than one website, please purchase multiple items. All purchases are final and non-refundable. While we’ve tried our best to make it easily transferable, we cannot guarantee that it will work for your website because every website is different. For custom tracking assistance, contact us here.

Intigress has no connection and is not affiliated in any way with Calendly.


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