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How to Add GA4 to Shopify via GTM

How To Add Google Analytics 4 to Shopify Via GTM

Google Analytics is an essential tool for almost any marketer that wants to make data-driven decisions. While Shopify has made it extremely easy to add the old version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) to your store’s website, the popular ecommerce

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How To Add Google Analytics To Wordpress Blog Header Image - Intigress

How To Add Google Analytics to WordPress

WordPress is a wonderful website platform with unlimited flexibility and endless possibilities. However, sometimes all those possibilities can lead to analysis paralysis and make a simple task, like adding Google Analytics to WordPress, confusing. After you’ve set up a Google Analytics

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What is Google Tag Manager & Why Should You Use It Blog Header Image - Intigress

What is Google Tag Manager & Why Should You Use It?

Tagging and tracking are imperative when it comes to digital marketing. They help businesses to analyze customer behavior, power machine learning, monitor website performance, fill sales funnels, measure revenue from different sources, and many more things. But with all the

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